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GEAPS/K-State Announce 2020 Distance Education Schedule

Published 10/24/2019 by Tom Sedlacek

The GEAPS/Kansas State University (K-State) Distance Education Program will offer 33 courses in 2020. Every course required for the credentials in Grain Operations Management and Grain Processing Management will be available over the course of the year. Registration is currently open for each course.

Chris Blair, regional manager for NEW Cooperative, chairs GEAPS’ committee that oversees distance education. According to Blair, the schedule will appeal to a wide range of operations professionals.  “Whether you are new to the industry, or just want to stay up-to-date on the latest safety practices, our online program has you covered ,” Blair said. “Courses are available on their own, or you can pursue all six courses to earn a credential.”

Courses consist of peer-reviewed online narrated PowerPoint presentations, assignments and quizzes. Each course is self-paced, allowing participants to proceed at their own rate over five weeks. Courses cost $700 for GEAPS members, and $965 for non-members. Registration for all courses is currently open on the program website.

Save Big with Blocks of Registrations

GEAPS offers a volume discount program to make training groups of employees more cost effective. The program allows you to save up to 20 percent on the member rate for courses by purchasing blocks of 10 or more courses at once. Blocks can be used to register any member of your company for courses, whether they are a GEAPS member or not.

2020 Course Schedule

Jan. 7 – Feb. 11

Registration closes Dec. 31

GEAPS 500: Introduction to Grain Operations

GEAPS 501: Management Basics for Grain Facility Supervisors: Understanding Key Roles and Responsibilities

GEAPS 541: Developing an Effective Safety Culture at Your Company

GEAPS 550: Materials Handling I


Feb. 18 – March 24

Registration closes Feb. 12, 2020

GEAPS 506: The Grain Industry in Canada: Climate, Crops, People

GEAPS 510: Facilities Planning and Design I

GEAPS 522: FGIS Grain Inspection Orientation

GEAPS 551: Materials Handling II


March 31 – May 5, 2020

Registration closes March 25, 2020

GEAPS 525: Management of Pests in Stored Grain

GEAPS 540: Entry Level Safety

GEAPS 546: Fighting Grain Silo Fires and Smolders

GEAPS 552: Materials Handling III


May 12 – June 16

Registration closes May 6, 2020

GEAPS 511: Grain Facilities Planning and Design II

GEAPS 520: Grain Quality Management

GEAPS 544: Preventing and Responding to Grain Dust Explosions

GEAPS 554: Grain Elevator Equipment Maintenance

GEAPS 610: Interpretation of Process Flow Diagrams


June 23 – July 28

Registration closes June 17

GEAPS 530: Quality Management Systems for Bulk Materials Handling Operations

GEAPS 545: Grain Entrapment: Causes, Prevention and Rescue

GEAPS 555: Advanced and Preventive Maintenance for Grain Facilities: Conveyance Equipment

GEAPS 600: Overview of Milling Principles


Aug. 4 – Sept. 8

Registration closes July 29

GEAPS 500: Introduction to Grain Operations

GEAPS 501: Management Basics for Grain Facility Supervisors: Understanding Key Roles and Responsibilities

GEAPS 542: Electrical Safety for Grain and Processing Facilities

GEAPS 550: Materials Handling I


Sept. 15 – Oct. 20

Registration closes Sept. 9

GEAPS 510: Facilities Planning and Design I

GEAPS 520: Introduction to Grain Quality Management

GEAPS 524: Grain Drying

GEAPS 620: Grain Receiving, Cleaning and Conditioning

Oct. 27 – Dec. 8

Registration closes Oct. 21

GEAPS 521: Grain Aeration

GEAPS 530: Quality Management Systems for Bulk Materials Handling Operations

GEAPS 540: Entry Level Safety

GEAPS 630: Quality Control/Quality Assurance Practices in Flour Milling


About the GEAPS/K-State Distance Education Program

GEAPS and Kansas State University provide online, peer-reviewed continuing education unit (CEU) qualified courses taught by grain industry leaders and faculty members. The program helps participants improve job skills and become more valuable to employers through exposure to issues, standards and best practices from across the industry. Courses combine GEAPS members’ vast on-the-job experience with K-State’s academic expertise. Lectures and coursework take place online, and can be completed at any time during the five-week session. In 2019, there are 33 courses available.


GEAPS/K-State Distance Education Program at a Glance

  • Over the past 12 years, over 6,000 registrants from 30 different nations have taken a GEAPS/K-State course
  • Courses run for five weeks and consist of narrated PowerPoint lectures
  • Students can complete coursework at their convenience
  • Industry specialists peer-review all materials to ensure quality and relevance
  • All courses provide the opportunity to network with faculty and other students
  • Students who complete a course receive one continuing education unit (CEU) from Kansas State University and a certificate of completion

For more information on the 2020 schedule, group discounts or any of GEAPS’ training options, please contact the GEAPS office at (763) 999-4300.


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