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GEAPS Foundation

Training the Next Generation of Grain Professionals

Training the next generation of global grain and oilseeds supply-chain operations professionals to safely and sustainably feed the world is a rapidly-growing challenge. More and more grain companies are confronting a maturing workforce and need skilled talent to take their place. Today, the tradition of relying on agricultural roots and on-the-job training are inadequate to meet the industries need for a well trained workforce and while many companies do the best they can to provide training, there is a need for the industry to provide additional relevant technical training to augment what companies can do themselves.

With a history of innovation and forward thinking, the Grain Elevator and Processing Society established the GEAPS Foundation as a mechanism to secure a stable and sustainable funding stream for training grain and oilseed supply-chain operations professionals.

GEAPS and its partners have built a robust distance education program to meet the needs of busy industry workers, employers and suppliers who support the industry. The GEAPS Distance Education Program provides online, peer-reviewed continuing-education qualified courses taught by grain industry subject-matter experts. The online courses allow attendees to do the coursework at times that fit their busy schedules.

Currently course registration fees cover direct costs of program operations, including course planning and delivery, marketing, registration and recordkeeping. They do not cover development of new or replacement courses.

To meet demands for a full range of grain handling and processing operations training and to support the industry’s only professional credentialing program, more courses are needed and existing courses need updating to meet current learning methods and practices.

Invest now to ensure a well-trained industry workforce

Today’s leading facility operations professionals, equipment, services and technology suppliers thrive on innovation and staying a step ahead in developing cost-effective solutions to provide quality grain products to safely and sustainably feed the world.

  • A workforce trained on industry-specific standards and best practices helps maintain the competitive advantage industry leaders are seeking.
  • Many top companies have a history of supporting education to invest in the future of the industry by funding students and academic institutions.
  • Supporting the GEAPS Foundation extends your commitment to education and fills a unique need by funding a program focused on building the skills and competencies of workers on the job and builds a stronger industry workforce

“We’re always looking for ways to hang on to good people. One of the most cost-effective ways is to invest in their educations and their futures. We use the GEAPS/K-State courses to provide practical training for our employees and as a retention strategy. We think it’s already saved us significant amounts of money. Replacing a single experienced worker can cost at least $10,000. Investing a few hundred dollars in a course that helps us hang on to our experienced people has been a much smarter way to go about it.”

Jim McKerchar, Parrish & Heimbecker, Ltd.

If you would like more information about the GEAPS Foundation or how to make a corporate or organizational donation please send a message to Steve Records or you can reach him at (763) 999-4300.