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Our Members Are Our Leaders

GEAPS members literally run the organization. In fact, GEAPS could not exist without their willingness to plan, develop, coordinate and execute our programs and services. Because members are grain-industry professionals, they keep the organization focused on what’s really important–the issues, concerns and challenges that they face every day in their facilities and their jobs.

From local chapters to the International committee and board levels, GEAPS provides an education, experience and growth opportunity in leadership and professionalism that cannot be attained any other way. This network of project efforts, standing committees, special events and programs could be your chance to shine and be recognized for your talents. It’s the individuals who plan, develop, coordinate and execute those programs and services that really drive the organization.

Volunteer leaders are the gears that drive the momentum within the organization. Without their dedicated efforts, GEAPS would only have a lot of great ideas but no way to make them happen.