Below you’ll find a list of GEAPS’ committees. If you’ve ever participated in a GEAPS program, you’ve benefited from the work of these individuals. As you read through the descriptions below, think about where you think you have something to offer. If you’d like to learn more about a specific committee or learn how to get involved, visit the Get Involved section of this website. 

Standing International Committees 

  • Chapter Resource Committee 
  • Educational Programming Committee 
  • Membership Committee 
  • Exchange Futures Committee 

Chapter Resource Committee (CRC) 

The Chapter Resource Committee provides GEAPS chapter leader outreach as a knowledge and peer-support resource for leadership and program development. 

Exchange Educational Programming Committee (EPC) 

The Exchange Educational Programming Committee represents member interests in the professional development program components of the annual international technical conference and exposition, the Exchange, by identifying long-term grain operations continuing education needs and trends, establishing program development objectives, selecting topics and faculty, overseeing content development and evaluating program effectiveness to improve future performance. 

Membership Committee 

The Membership Committee provides direction for and oversight of GEAPS’ membership development plans and programs to include member recruitment, retention and engagement. 

Exchange Futures Committee  

The Exchange Futures Committee was formed in 2022 to shape the future of GEAPS Exchange by discussing policies, programming, and future sites in order to make recommendations and share creative ideas for how to make Exchange the best conference it can be for both attendees and exhibitors.