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Rolfes @ Boone
1773 219th Ln, Boone, IA 50036

  • Phone: (515) 432-2010
  • Toll Free: (800) 265-2010
  • Fax: (515) 432-5262
  • Contact: Kevin Miles
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About Us

Rolfes @ Boone is your one stop company for Aeration, Temperature Detection, Dust Control, and Hazard Monitoring. The only fully commercial grade quality equipment from AMCA rated fans to PLC & Wireless temperature detection and hazard monitoring systems with complete service personnel for all product lines scattered throughout the country for less travel costs. We manufacture Thermocouple cable for the entire industry and they are the most reliable source for temperature detection around. Can handle power surges and mistreatment of product without breaking down like Digital does. “IT’S WHAT WE BUILD IN THAT MAKES US STAND OUT.”


  • Commodity Storage/Equipment
    • Aeration Equipment
  • Dust/Pollution Control
    • Bags
    • Collectors
    • Ducting
    • Fans
  • Monitoring Equipment
    • Bearing, Temperature
    • Belt Alignment
    • Motion/Speed Detection
    • Temperature Detection