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GEAPS/Kansas State University Credentialing Program

Are you looking for a way to show your boss that you have the skills, knowledge and determination to move up in your company?

Are you looking to invest in your employees’ skills as an engagement and retention tool?

GEAPS and Kansas State University offer formal credentials that provide a baseline of industry knowledge. Once you complete the six basic courses, you can build on that knowledge and continue your journey with specialist credentials. If you have the determination to complete 180 hours of training, your hard work is rewarded with a master credential.

About the Courses

Why Earn a Credential?

There are many reasons why you should consider earning a credential. Courses are created by leaders in the industry and from universities. You’ll learn best practices from around the world. You’ll also expand your network, interacting with other people on course discussion boards. Best of all, you’ll show your boss that your are committed to improving at your job and ready for more responsibility.

How Courses Can Help Your Company

  • Identify and develop talent – build your employees’ skills and knowledge while giving them a series of deadlines to meet.
  • If you recruit from outside the industry, courses establish a great base of knowledge for new workers.
  • By pairing courses with your in-house training, you give your team a series of goals and milestones to reach.

Operations Credentials

The Credential in Grain Operations Management (CGOM)
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Specialist Credentials

GEAPS and K-State also offer specialist credentials for people interested in focusing on a specific grain-operations skill area. Each of the Specialist Credentials requires four additional courses, in addition to the six courses required for the CGOM.

To earn a specialist credential, you must first earn the Credential in Grain Operations Management.

Specialist in Grain Quality Management
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Specialist in Grain Handling Equipment Management
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Specialist in Property and Casualty Risk Management
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Master Credential in Grain Operations Management (MCGOM)

The Master Credential in Grain Operations Management is earned by completing the CGOM and all three specialist credentials. It is the highest form of training currently available in the industry.

Processing Credentials

The Credential in Grain Processing Management (CGPM)
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See a complete list of credential earners.

Continuing Education

To maintain your credential and help keep you up to speed with innovations and evolving industry standards, you must earn at least one Continuing Education Unit (CEU) within three years of earning your credential. To earn a CEU, you may complete another distance education course, or participate in pre-authorized educational programs at Exchange or GEAPS chapters.

For more information on the credential program, please contact Melissa Ferguson at GEAPS.