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GEAPS/Kansas State University Credentialing Program

Advance your career with a Credential in Grain Operations Management (CGOM) or a Credential in Grain Processing Management (CGPM). These credentials improve your job skills, show your desire to enhance your industry-specific knowledge and demonstrate your commitment to achievement. Once you complete a credential, your accomplishment is recognized in GEAPS publications and you receive a certificate of completion.

For a list of courses required to complete a credential, click on the credential’s name below. Each course is offered at regular intervals, so you can map your path to completion.

Operations Credentials

The Credential in Grain Operations Management (CGOM)

Specialist Credentials

GEAPS and K-State also offer specialist credentials for people interested in focusing on a specific grain-operations skill area. To earn a specialist credential, you must first earn the Credential in Grain Operations Management. Each of the Specialist Credentials requires four additional courses, in addition to the six courses required for the CGOM.

Specialist in Grain Quality Management

Specialist in Grain Handling Equipment Management

Specialist in Property and Casualty Risk Management

Master Credential in Grain Operations Management (MCGOM)

The Master Credential in Grain Operations Management is earned by completing the CGOM and all three specialist credentials. It is the highest form of training currently available in the industry.

Processing Credentials

The Credential in Grain Processing Management (CGPM)

See a complete list of credential earners.

Continuing Education

To maintain your credential and help keep you up to speed with innovations and evolving industry standards, you must earn at least one Continuing Education Unit (CEU) within three years of earning your credential. To earn a CEU, you may complete another distance education course, or participate in pre-authorized educational programs at Exchange or GEAPS chapters.

For more information on the credential program, please contact Melissa Ferguson at GEAPS.