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GEAPS Launches Booth Sales and Sponsorships for GEAPS Exchange Online Conference

Published: Dec 09, 2020 by Leslie Casner

GEAPS Launches Booth Sales and Sponsorships for GEAPS Exchange Online Conference

GEAPS announces today that booth sales and sponsorships are now open for GEAPS Exchange Online Conference, an online event scheduled for Feb. 23-25, 2021. The event is expected to bring hundreds of grain storage and processing facility workers together to see what’s new in the industry.  Exhibitors can take advantage of the virtual trade show to interact with attendees and sponsorship opportunities to raise awareness for their brand. 

GEAPS Executive Director Steve Records explained how the virtual event will bring the industry together.  “This virtual conference will connect the industry in a whole new way – helping fulfill GEAPS mission by expanding our network and advancing information sharing,” Records said. “With price points that allow for industry workers at all levels to attend, we expect to see a whole new, different generation of attendees that would not normally be able to attend the in-person Exchange conference. The flexibility of the virtual platform also allows for all of our international industry professionals to benefit from the connections with exhibitors and the training we will provide.”

Benefits for Exhibitors:
  • Increase revenue – GEAPS expects hundreds of elevator, terminal and food processing plant employees to attend.
  • Expand contact lists – pre-schedule appointments with high-value attendees, interact with leads during the show and follow up after the show to complete the sales funnel.
  • See what’s new – booths include access to all the education in the event, helping exhibitors stay on top of new products and industry developments.

GEAPS International President Jeff Jones, MKC, sees tremendous benefit in the virtual event for his company.  MKC has 17 GEAPS members who work in operations.

“We are looking forward to creating a shared experience for new and veteran employees,” Jones said. “We will encourage our team to interact with vendors. Senior employees will connect to make sure our equipment is up to date. Newer employees are encouraged to meet with vendors to learn more about how to get the most out of our gear.”

Booth Options:
  • $1,500: standard booth, two complimentary conference registrations
  • $2,500: larger presence on the virtual trade show floor, three complimentary registrations
  • $5,000: island booth presence on the virtual trade show floor, four complimentary registrations

Upgrades – limited quantities available:
  • $500: attendee scavenger hunt stop
  • $1,000: company product demo video

Sponsorship Opportunities – limited quantities available:
  • $500: Preview Night Sponsor
  • $750: Networking Lounge Sponsorship
  • $1,000: Coffee Sponsor or Tradeshow Banner
  • $1,500: Registration Confirmation Email
  • $2,000: Education Sessions
  • $3,000: Workshop Sessions
  • $4,000: Opening Keynote Workshop

Event registration opens in January. For more information and to book a booth, visit the GEAPS Exchange Online Conference website.


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