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GEAPS Recognizes Two Outstanding Chapters at Exchange 2018

Published: Mar 28, 2018 by Rebecca Jackson

GEAPS Recognizes Two Outstanding Chapters at Exchange 2018

GEAPS honored two outstanding chapters  at GEAPS Exchange 2018, awarding the Outstanding Chapter Award and Chapter Cup.

The Outstanding Chapter Award went to the Cornbelt Chapter .The award is given annually by GEAPS’ Membership Committee at the Exchange. Cheryl Lanskink, Comco, Siouxland, Associates Board President and Membership Committee chair, helped evaluate submissions.

“Choosing the Outstanding Chapter is always difficult decision,” Lansink said. “Many of our chapters provide great programming for members. The Cornbelt Chapter did a great job this year reaching out to non-members, they lined up some great speakers and tried some things to boost meeting attendance and they have an excellent scholarship program.”

Lansink also said the chapter does an excellent job planning events with other chapters.

Siouxland won the Chapter Cup. The award is given annually to the chapter that has highest recruitment of new members and retention of existing members.