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Regular members are directly engaged in grain handling, feed, milling and processing. GEAPS membership helps them:

  • Find solutions to their most pressing professional issues
  • Identify educational opportunities to help develop better skills
  • Gain access to people and resources to help create a safer and more efficient workplace

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These individuals represent businesses or organizations that supply equipment, products or services to the grain handling, feed, milling and processing industries. GEAPS membership helps them:

  • Connect directly with customers or potential customers
  • Create more exposure for their company and themselves
  • Gets their products or services in front of those seeking solutions via GEAPS DirectASource, On-Line Buyers Guide and being an Exchange exhibitor

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This group includes representatives from governmental bodies or academic institutions. GEAPS membership helps them:

  • Keep connected with industry leaders
  • Stay up to date on operational innovation
  • Get involved in GEAPS committee and work groups

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If you are enrolled as a full-time student at an academic institution, you qualify for FREE GEAPS membership. Student members are those actively pursuing post-secondary, undergraduate degrees associated with agricultural production and the grain, feed, milling and processing industry.

Memberships are granted for the duration of a student’s schooling and their first year as an industry professional.

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