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GEAPS Announces Special Pricing for New Members

Published: Sep 16, 2020 by Leslie Casner

GEAPS Announces Special Pricing for New Members

GEAPS announced today a new introductory rate for new members to the organization. New members can join for $250 for the first year, and will pay normal member dues for future years. The society automatically applies the discount when a new member joins the organization online. The new price is in effect immediately, and applies to memberships through June 30, 2021.

GEAPS International President Jeff Jones, MKC, hopes the new price will encourage grain companies to get more employees involved in GEAPS.

“At MKC, we have 13 members and we bring a number of non-members to chapter events based on the speaker,” Jones said. “My membership has been incredibly beneficial for my career. I was new to the industry when I joined. I have learned a lot about the best ways to store and move grain and my network has grown tremendously.”

GEAPS is a professional association that helps grain storage and processing professionals build their skills, expand their professional networks and advance their careers. Members get discounts and access online and in-person training programs. They also get access to a network of over 2,000 peers around the world.

According to an engagement survey conducted by a third party last fall, 85 percent of GEAPS members have personally benefitted from their membership. 87 percent say they learned something through GEAPS that has saved their company money.

GEAPS Executive Director Steve Records explained how removing pricing barriers ties back to GEAPS’ mission.

“As we work to expand our global network of agriculture professionals, we don’t want price to limit our potential,” Records said. “We know our members get tremendous benefits from the organization and we expect many of these new members to remain with us for years to come. We are working to make it easy to become a part of the GEAPS network as possible.”