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Why do people join GEAPS? 

People join GEAPS for a variety of reasons, but it’s usually a combination of growing their professional network, increasing their overall industry knowledge and advancing their careers.

How long do people stay members of GEAPS? 

Memberships are based on an annual system, and we are proud to share many members remain with GEAPS for decades. We have programs in place for chapters to recognize individuals for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of membership. 

I’m a student and plan to work in the grain industry. Is it too early for me to join GEAPS?

Absolutely not! Students represent the future of grain handling and processing industry operations. That’s why membership is free to full-time students actively pursuing a post-secondary degree in an agricultural or grain-related field of study. Check out some resources specifically for students.

I have worked in the industry for years. How would I benefit from being in GEAPS?

You’ll see many benefits as a member. Think about when you run into a problem or can’t find an important part to get running again. Your membership gives you a broad network to lean on. You’ll also benefit by learning best practices from peers at events which will improve your facility’s efficiency. As an involved member you’ll meet suppliers who offer products and services in your region. You can also give back to the industry by volunteering to share your experience and help shape our programs and services.

What will I receive after I join GEAPS?

You will be mailed a welcome packet that includes the Membership Directory and Buyers’ Guide—a fantastic resource to find the connections and products you need and gain some knowledge on GEAPS.  You will also receive online access to the Member Directory and Video Library. You will also be added to our email list, so you always learn about the latest news, events and professional development and networking opportunities. You’ll also receive In-Grain, your bi-monthly industry newsletter which is exclusively made for and given to members.

What are the main reasons for becoming a GEAPS member?

In addition to being part of the largest network of grain handling and processing professionals, you receive important benefits that will help you: Expand your network. You will have exclusive access to the online member directory to search for other grain professionals who can share practical advice. If you work or live near a local chapter, attending meetings and events can connect you with colleagues in your area.  Build your skills. Our Training and Education programs are available to members for a discount. You’ll also be able to take advantage of various free training opportunities.  Grow your business. Receive special discounts, find customers and future coworkers through our extensive network of industry professionals.  Save your company money. GEAPS members receive discounts on Exchange registration and to exhibit, distance education courses and the Safety Awards program.   Find services and solutions in your area. Meet grain industry professionals and suppliers from your area at local chapter meetings and regional events or use the GEAPS Online Buyers Guide or our printed Membership Directory and Buyers’ Guide to find the operations solution you’re looking for.  Research our knowledge archives. Access exclusive members-only sections of the GEAPS website that provide updates and recordings of past educational sessions and  events.  Get a career advantage while in school. GEAPS offers free membership and special opportunities to full-time, post-secondary students. 

What things can I access if I’m a GEAPS member? 

Members say their access to ideas and information from fellow GEAPS members is invaluable and can’t be found anywhere else. If you are not a member of GEAPS, you will miss out on our Video Library and vast network of grain handling and processing professionals and suppliers.

Can I share my membership with a coworker?

No. GEAPS is the only individual membership organization in the industry, and as such, memberships cannot be shared or transferred. We strive to keep membership affordable, and it may even be covered by your employer. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

When is the best time to join GEAPS? 

Anytime is a good time to join GEAPS to build your professional network, visit a local chapter or take advantage of the educational opportunities and discounts. Memberships expire on June 30 the year after you join. If you join during January, you get 18 months of membership for the cost of 12. If you join during July or August, you still get plenty of value for your 10 or 11 months of membership. 

How do I know when my membership will expire? 

GEAPS will remind you when your membership is nearing renewal. Memberships expire on June 30 each year. 

Do I have to join a chapter as well? 

We can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to, but you do not have to become part of a chapter when you join GEAPS. We strongly encourage getting involved in a local chapter. Many members say the connections they make via their local chapters are invaluable. 

How do I know which chapter to indicate on my membership form? 

Check out the GEAPS chapter map, and find the chapter closest to where you live or work. You can also contact the presidents for the chapters you are considering, and they may be able to help determine if the chapter fits your geographic preference. 

What if I decide to join a chapter after I become a member? 

If you decide to join a chapter at a later date, just update your member profile at any time or contact GEAPS Chapter Services. 

What if I indicated the wrong chapter when I joined – can I change chapters? 

Yes! Simply access your member profile and select or change the chapter. The change is immediately effective. 

How will my employer benefit from my membership? 

There are many reasons why companies support GEAPS membership. For one, it is an investment in you and your professional development. Companies benefit when you learn new ways to work more safely and efficiently. Companies can also benefit from your access to new suppliers in your region and around your world. Your company can also gain exposure to industry leaders if you volunteer your time and talent to a committee or by sponsoring GEAPS programs and services. 

Your employer may want to consider saving money and getting more of your teammates involved by taking advantage of Company and Facility Memberships.  

  • Discount in the enrollment fee for the Safety Award Program. 
  • Discounted exhibit space at GEAPS Exchange. 
  • Opportunities to connect with potential customers and new businesses through the sponsor program. 
  • Ability to purchase Professional Development Courses as a volume block.  

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