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GEAPS Recognizes 40 Year Members at Exchange 2017

Published: Mar 01, 2017 by Rosina

GEAPS Recognizes 40 Year Members at Exchange 2017

GEAPS was thrilled to recognize members who celebrated 40 consecutive years of membership during the GEAPS Celebration at GEAPS Exchange 2017. Each member received a bronze GEAPS pin to commemorate the milestone.

Jimmy Carlson, Retired, Mid-America Chapter

Alfred Dressing, Missouri Power Transmission Inc, Gateway

Fred Edmaiston, Aircon Corp, Mid-South

Dick Elliott, Retired, Kansas City

Leo Gebhart, Retired, Great Plains

David Kerwood, Retired, Greater Iowa

Dale Knapp, Retired, Cornbelt

Bill Lyster, Lyster Consulting, Greater Iowa

Robert McCarley, Retired, Mid-South

Steven McNulty, Retired, Great Plains

George Pfandler, Retired, Gateway

William Siemers, Retired, Gulf South