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Four GEAPS Members Win Grain Tubes for Local Fire Departments

Published: Jun 22, 2020 by Leslie Casner

Four GEAPS Members Win Grain Tubes for Local Fire Departments

As part of the members-only screening of SILO last month, four GEAPS members won grain tubes for their local fire departments. Turtle Plastics donated the potentially life-saving equipment.

After watching the film, Corey Hopkins, senior safety consultant at DEKRA, noted the varying opinions on rescue techniques and levels of training. He said having the proper equipment is critical. His donation went to the Spencer Iowa Fire Department. They are close to completing construction of a training facility for many departments in northwest Iowa and needed the equipment.

“Unfortunately, we continue to see engulfments all over the country on a regular basis,” Hopkins said. “In recent years, there have been more good outcomes from some of these rescues and I think that can be attributed directly to the relationships that GEAPS fosters.  The more we communicate the risks to growers and train first responders, the more we can avoid these tragedies.”

April-Hope Wareham, Columbia River Chapter, is production supervisor at Temco, in Tacoma, Washington. Since she works at an export facility with no long-term storage and no bin entry, she worked with Cargill to find a good fit for the donation at the company’s facility in Emery, South Dakota.

“Emery’s facility has a few employees who also work for the fire department,” Wareham said. “I appreciate what the filmmakers are doing setting up screenings with safety discussions and panels afterward. It’s one thing to have a grain rescue tube at your local fire department, but as the film shows, it’s another thing entirely to know how to use it and to prevent needing to ever use it in the first place.”

Wareham said a well-made film like SILO is a great icebreaker for safety discussions, and that at her facility they invite local fire departments over once a year so they are familiar with the facility in case of an emergency.

Departments Who Received Donations:

  • Amity Community Volunteer Fire Department, Franklin, IN
  • Barnum Volunteer Fire Department, Barnum, IA
  • Emery Fire Department, Emery, SD
  • Spencer Fire Department, Spencer, IA

If you are interested in setting up a SILO screening for a company or GEAPS chapter event, contact GEAPS Executive Director Steve Records for more information.


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About Turtle Plastics

Turtle Plastics understands that many volunteer fire departments don’t always have the monetary resources available to purchase all the tools needed to serve their communities. Over the last four years, they have donated over 110 Turtle Tubes to in-need fire departments and to trainers and fire training academies. If you are a 501(c)(3) volunteer fire department working in an identified grain state: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska Ohio, South Dakota, Texas or Wisconsin; or are interested in purchasing a Turtle Tube – Gen 2 Grain Rescue Sleeve for donation to a qualified volunteer fire department in one of these grain states, you can request a $500 off manufacturer’s voucher from Turtle Plastics. Learn more about the Turtle Tube. 

Additionally, if you are a grain rescue trainer or grain rescue training facility, we will provide a complimentary Turtle Tube – Gen 2 Grain Rescue Sleeve. Please contact Turtle Plastics directly at 1-(800) 765-6635.