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GEAPS Proposed Bylaw Amendment for 2020 Annual Meeting

Published: May 22, 2020 by Leslie Casner

GEAPS Proposed Bylaw Amendment for 2020 Annual Meeting

The International Board of Directors approved a recommendation from the Strategic Planning Committee to update the GEAPS Mission Statement (Bylaws Article 1, Section 2). As part of the strategic planning process, the committee concluded that defining a new, more modern mission would benefit GEAPS by creating focus and alignment for our activities, metrics and goals.

In determining the need for the recommended mission, the committee asked more than 100 GEAPS members if they knew what GEAPS’ mission was. Only one member correctly recited the statement, indicating in part that our mission has not been front and center nor memorable. The committee worked on honing a new, motivating mission to guide us forward and act as our ‘True North’.

The current mission statement is:

GEAPS is a not-for-profit international professional association dedicated to providing its members with forums to generate leadership, innovation, and excellence in grain-related industry operations.

The Board-approved proposed new mission statement is:

To advance grain industry knowledge and information sharing through a network of global agriculture professionals

The committee created this new statement to highlight our focus on being an expansive, global membership organization using our collective knowledge and network for more impact in the industry.