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Published: Jun 24, 2024 by Krissy Ohnstad
GEAPS Media Kit 2024-2025

New Media Kit Features Great Promotional Opportunities

At the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS), our mission is to champion, connect and serve the global grain industry and our members. Our vision is to be the global community and thought leader for the grain industry as we feed and fuel the world.  

One of the ways we do that is by providing avenues for our regular members to find the products and services they need while also helping our Associate members get a front row seat to their existing and potential customers. 

In the last year, GEAPS expanded advertising opportunities available in our print and digital products—and they have been well received! We are excited to unveil our new media kit with opportunities for Fiscal Year 2025.  

The media kit, which can be found by searching for “Advertising Opportunities” under News & Publications on, features 26 pages of great opportunities to promote both our industry and your business.   

When you explore promotional opportunities with GEAPS, you aren’t simply advertising a product or service—you are a part of something. You are helping build these vital connections, advancing the industry and opening doors and opportunities for your industry colleagues.   

You are helping us provide the networking opportunities, training, communications and resources we are known for while showing up in front of your future customers.   

You are helping your business when you are in front of GEAPS members. When you advertise with GEAPS, you are in front of grain industry folks from 44 United States, seven Canadian territories and 25 countries around the globe—and that doesn’t even touch on the more than 15,000 industry folks on our distribution lists.   

Our reach goes well beyond our members—with thousands of people from all over the world opening our emails, listening to our podcasts, tuning into our webinars and attending our events.   

Get your name in shiny lights  

If you’d like to learn more about how you can get your brand in front of people who are interested in your products and services, please reach out to Susan Sarapa at    

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Jessica Waltzer
Communications Manager