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Search summaries of educational sessions from GEAPS Exchange events. Members who couldn’t attend our annual event or are interested in specific topics will find these summaries very helpful.

Reducing Foreign Material Using Controlled Flow Transfer Chute Technology

Matthew Koca
principal flowpath engineer, Flexco

Foreign material (FM) is a huge cost burden to grain terminals, so reducing the amound throughout a well-designed material handling system not only saves money but also reduces wear rates in chutes. This guide includes a technical analysis of traditional spouting versus controlled flow transfer chutes in the grain industry.

Unearthing the Merit of Grain Dryer Maintenance

Randy Sheley
conditioning prod specialist, GSI

Ever wonder what level of maintenance a grain dryer really needs and when? Here are the answers you need!

Conveyor Belt Splicing: Getting It Right

Kevin Finnegan
mechanical fastener application specialist, Flexco

Most facilities have belts to splice, but disaster can strike if it isn’t correctly completed. Familiarize yourself with advanced splicing techniques and learn how to improve current practices through preparation, squaring the belt and other methods.

Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About LED Lighting

Jaron Vande Hoef
PE, LEED AP, senior project manager, BD principal, Interstates Companies

LED lighting technology is always changing and has made immense strides during recent years. Read about five new ideas you may not have known about LED lighting. Gain new insights into the possibilities of LED lighting in grain handling facilities.

Upgrading Concrete Facilities and Lifecycle Planning

Gregg Blaszak
PE, business development manager, Milliken Infrastructure Solutions LLC

Is your silo cracking up? If so, it’s not funny. This summary describes a situation that used the RenewWrap™ carbon fiber strengthening system and did not reduce storage capacity. Plus the project was completed on time and on budget.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Applications in the Ag Industry

Dennis Bowman
extension educator, University of Illinois

Technical advances now provide us with a bird’s eye view of our industry. Learn about unmanned aerial vehicles (commonly called drones), regulations, types and how they can do everything from scout crops to view hard-to-see areas of elevators.

Improving Grain Dryer Efficiency

Wes Peterson
sales, project manager, dryer specialist, Custom Dryer Service LLC

Grain dryer efficiency is almost an entire science in of itself, but it’s an important process for your operation. Learn about the measurements (pounds of water removed / BTU), methods, management and many other factors that contribute to your facility’s efficiency.

Innovative Conveying Solutions: A Look Outside the Box

Roberto Hajnal
international business director, TMS, Tecnologia em Movimentação SA, Brazil / Bulktech Argentina SA and board officer of APOSGRAN (Asociación Argentina Poscosecha de Granos).

This well-illustrated session looks at some innovative bulk-solids handling systems that may not be well-known to the grain-handling industry. One combines rope-transport and belt-conveyor technologies, allowing overpass of geographical obstacles such as rivers and roads with spans of more than 1,000 meters and no need for supports. Another, a pipe-conveyor system developed in Japan, overcomes spillage, belt training, horizontal and vertical curves. Others that will be shown include an enclosed belt conveyor running inside a plastic tube with no idlers–dustless technology.

Managing Your Aeration System

Scott Chant
Safe-Grain, Maxi-Tronic Inc

This session provides an overview on grain aeration techniques, management and equipment. When is aeration practical? How long should operators keep aeration systems running? When? Why is aeration necessary at times? What are the best ways to manage aeration systems?

Reliability-Centered Maintenance

Randy Springer
Pepper Maintenance Systems

Reliability Centered Maintenance, Baling Wire and the Great Depression are all rooted on the basic premise of holding things together and making things last. Each topic builds on the idea that longest possible life brings the highest return on investment for greatest profitability. The session discusses precision installation, vibration and bearing life, alignment and equipment life, heat-flow analysis and resistant heating, and the total effect on the bottom line: How much will I be saving when predictive technologies and reliability-centered maintenance practices are employed?

Maintaining Your Power Transmission Drives

Steve Small
Gates Corp

This session covers the best ways for grain facility operators to keep their power transmission belt drives running with optimum efficiency. Topics include methods to increase uptime; reducing replacement costs through proper belt installation and tensioning; tensioning tools; causes of belt failure; sheave and sprocket wear; proper alignment and reducing energy costs.