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GEAPS Distance Education Program Courses Available On-Demand

Published: May 12, 2021 by Rosina

GEAPS Distance Education Program Courses Available On-Demand

Grain Industry Training, Ready When You Are

During harvest, our facilities never stop moving. In order to make sure your team is ready for the busiest times of the year, you need training programs that fit your schedule. GEAPS can help with award-winning distance education program courses available on demand.

Our on-demand courses give you same day access to courses with six weeks to complete the lessons. We have courses that are perfect to get new-hires up to speed or to expand the skills of seasoned employees. Get started today!

The current courses are currently available on-demand:

Introduction to Grain Operations

This course is a great tool for new hires and non-operations staff. Over the course of 10 lectures, you will learn about the different types of elevators and how grain moves through a facility. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of customer service and who the end-users are
  • How to get a proper sample and how grain is tested
  • Types and advantages of different storage structures
  • How good housekeeping helps prevent grain dust explosions

Management Basics for Grain Facility Supervisors: Understanding Key Roles and Responsibilities

This online course provides an extensive overview of the main duties, responsibilities and expectations of grain operations supervisors and managers. You’ll learn:

  • How to interact with the accounting department
  • How to develop an annual operating budget
  • How to get capital projects approves and who should manage each project
  • Basic responsibilities of managing people

Materials Handling I

If you are looking to learn more about the characteristics of different commodities and the equipment commonly used in grain elevators, this course is the first in a three-part series. You’ll learn:

  • Factors that affect material flow throughout the plant
  • How to calculate useable capacity of bins
  • When to use different types of spouting, gates and valves
  • What screw conveyors to use for different products

Grain Elevator Equipment Maintenance

Learn preventive maintenance techniques, where to look for problems and how to safely fix equipment used in everyday grain facilities operations. The course covers methodology and different types of equipment. You’ll Learn:

  • How maintenance methodology applies in grain handling facilities
  • Safety, components and function of drying equipment
  • Distributor and conveyor troubleshooting suggestions
  • Troubleshooting and preventive maintenance for dust collection and suppression systems

*All or part of the course materials were developed in conjunction with Kansas State University as a part of the jointly branded distance education program (2009-2020).