In order to maintain GEAPS active chapter status, chapters must comply with the provisions of the Chapter License and Affiliation Agreement. Those requirements are listed below. Contact the Chapter Services Team for details on the full agreement. 

  • Hold at least three meetings annually and report them to GEAPS by June 30. 
    • Hold at least three business meetings each year, providing a summary report to GEAPS within 30 days following each meeting.
  • Hold and report chapter elections by June 1 
    • Conduct chapter officer elections in accordance with your chapter’s bylaws and report the results no later than June 1 or within 30 days of the election, whichever occurs first. Some chapters have one-year terms and others have two-year terms. Make sure you know how your chapter works.
  • Submit annual financial report by August 1 
    • Complete and submit a financial report by August 1. The report includes, but is not limited to a balance sheet, income statement and description of sources and uses of all chapter funds for the prior fiscal year. You’ll need your June 30 bank statements and check ledger to complete the report.
  • Submit chapter meeting schedule by September 1 
    • Schedule at least three business meetings for the coming year and report the schedule to GEAPS by September 1. Include as much detail as possible, including: date, time, place, topic and contact person, or follow up in advance of your meeting with the missing details.