Your chapter’s financial report for the previous fiscal year is due Aug. 1. The GEAPS fiscal year runs from
July 1-June 30. Download a copy of the Chapter Financial Report Form here. Complete the form by filling in your financial information from the most recent fiscal year.

The top section is a balance sheet. The bottom section is an income statement. You must complete both

Balance Sheet

In the Balance Sheet section, fill in your chapter’s current financial information:


  • Cash: what’s in your checking account
  • Investments: savings accounts, CD’s, any other investments
  • Accounts Receivable: money expected but not yet received
  • Property and Equipment: any property or equipment your chapter owns
  • Other assets: any other assets your chapter owns


  • Debt and Unpaid Expenses: accounts payable
  • Other liabilities: any other liabilities your chapter has

Both of these sections will total in the blue “Total Assets” and “Total Liabilities” boxes at the bottom of the top section

Income Statement

In the bottom Income Statement section, fill in all of your chapter’s revenue and expenses during the
previous fiscal year:

REVENUE (will total itself in blue “Total Revenue” box)

  • Meeting income
  • Sponsorship income
  • Interest gained on chapter bank account, including dividends on gains
  • Other

EXPENSES (will total itself in blue “Total Expenses” box)

  • Meeting expenses
  • Scholarship expense
  • General operations/administration expenses
  • Other expenses

Your chapter’s net income will calculate in the blue “Net Income” box at the bottom of this section.

If you would like to know the previous June 30 bank balances that are on file for your chapter, or have any other questions about completing this report, contact Chapter Services.