Programming Support 

  1. Publicize upcoming chapter events on GEAPS website, Member Focus emails, social media and In-Grain newsletter. 
  1. Email blasts to members and prospects about your event specifics. 
  1. Utilization of GEAPS’ website for online registration. GEAPS captures attendee information and payment and then delivers the revenue direct to your chapter bank account. GEAPS pays the credit card processing fees. 
  1. Recognize and summarize chapter activities in In-Grain. 
  1. Access to the Speakers Bureau for speaker leads and topic ideas. 
  1. GEAPS staff to call if you ever need additional chapter support. 

Leadership Development 

  1. Regular check-ins by GEAPS staff to provide support to chapter leaders. 
  1. Invitation to participation in bi-monthly Chapter Resource Committee (CRC) meetings comprised of all chapter presidents (or other designated chapter leaders). 
  1. Facilitation of online leadership elections. 

Member Development and Recognition 

  1. Provide the chapter roster on the 15th of every month to the chapter president and secretary. 
  1. Send alerts to chapter secretaries when new members join your chapter. 
  1. Provide an automatic email to welcome new members to your chapter. 
  1. Provide GEAPS promotional materials for member recruitment and chapter exhibit booths. 
  1. Membership Pin program to help recognize 5, 10, 15 and 20-year members. 
  1. Chapter Member of Distinction Award Program to help chapters recognize outstanding volunteers. 

Administrative Assistance 

  1. Prepare and file the Articles of Incorporation. This is a one-time activity that is already completed for all chapters 
  1. File your chapter’s annual renewal and pay the renewal fee (required at the state or provincial level) 
  1. Obtain and pay for chapter-group Directors and Officer and General Liability Insurance policy 
  1. Obtain not-for-profit tax exemption and renew annually 
  1. File appropriate tax forms