Leading a Culture of Safety

Learn the philosophy of servant leadership. Leadership is not about you, but rather putting the people you lead first. The conference will also feature in-depth breakout sessions on practical methods for safety training, conflict management, purposeful presence and more!

Top Takeaways: 

  • Learn the top attributes of what it means to be a servant leader
  • Understand how leaders can help to create and maintain safety culture in the workplace 
  • Learn how to build an inclusive environment that enables everyone in the organization to thrive as their authentic selves

Education Sessions: Day One

Keynote Session: “Principles of Servant Leadership” 

Ted Schick 
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Simply stated, leadership is a position of service. A philosophy, not a leadership style, servant leadership is the concept that leadership is not about you but rather putting the people you lead first. In this presentation, we outline and describe the foundation of servant leadership to include the three Assumptions, the Five Ways of Being and the 10 Attributes of what it means to be a servant leader. First lesson: The servant leader is servant first. 

Breakout Sessions

Attendees will get the opportunity to attend all three breakout sessions in smaller group settings during the conference.

Breakout Session 1: “Making Safety Training Effective — a Train the Trainer Class” 

Ted Schick
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Safety professionals are often tasked with delivering safety training on a variety of safety topics but, through no fault of their own, they lack the expertise, tactics and knowledge to provide engaging and effective safety training. In this enlightening presentation, we will discuss the tactics and skills to design and deliver effective and even enjoyable training, for you and others. 

Breakout Session 2: “Confronting Conflict with Confidence” 

Audrey Ayers
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People deal with conflict based on what they know, what they think and their experiences. When workers on the job have different ways of dealing with conflict, safety is impacted. This workshop opens with an activity that helps attendees identify their default way of dealing with conflict and how to navigate the default ways of others as well. You will leave this workshop understanding yourself and your coworkers better – and wanting to know more! 

Breakout Session 3: “Be Safe “

Dawn Moninger
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You hear the term, “be safe,” everywhere.  Leaders say it to each other, to employees, and even have it in their signature block in emails. 

But what does, “be safe,” entail?  What does it mean?  How do we demonstrate what we mean as leaders to, “be safe?” 

This presentation will discuss how we can put forth our best intentions meaningfully and efficiently. 

We will discuss how to ask safety-centric questions that teach safety criteria while also displaying a, “be safe,” mindset. 

We will discuss proactive actions (like a 5 in Five, safety win, or fast BBS observation) that leaders may engage in that assist in identifying risky conditions, assuring the, “be safe,” mindset isn’t only words, but knowledgeable actions. 

By the end of the presentation leaders will walk away feeling they have a new and demonstrable way to show everyone that, “be safe,” truly means a commitment beyond words.

Leadership Panel

Join us for an insightful and engaging leadership panel featuring some of the most accomplished leaders in the industry. Our panelists will share their experiences, insights, and best practices on how to lead effectively in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the best and network with other like-minded professionals. Don’t miss out on this chance to gain valuable knowledge and take your leadership skills to the next level! 


Ted Schick, Professional Speaker and Trainer, Schick Corporate Learning


Marc Mears
Chief Operating Officer

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Sarah Fakhari
Global Capital Strategy Director
CHS Inc.

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John Caupert
Executive Director

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Education Sessions: Day Two

On Day 2, join fellow attendees for an in-depth education session and a closing session by Ted Schick, to complete the conference!

Education Session: “Purposeful Presence –How leaders show up to amp up performance.”

Shannon Overland
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In the dynamic landscape of the agricultural industry, leaders face unique challenges within a world characterized by constant change and complexity. The concept of a “new normal” takes on a distinct meaning. Within the fast-paced and demanding realm of agricultural work environments, effective leaders must strategically utilize their time to drive positive change and unleash the full potential of individuals within their organization. This session delves into innovative strategies, techniques, and tools aimed at cultivating purposeful presence to create indelible, transformative moments that contribute to positive cultural shifts.

The notion of field time extends to those invaluable moments spent in the actual work environment, where individuals engage in tasks, collaborate with peers, and contribute to the overall goals and objectives of the organization. However, due to numerous competing demands and distractions, it can be challenging to fully harness this critical opportunity.

This session provides participants with invaluable insights into optimizing field time, empowering team members, and fostering positive change within organizational culture, all through the lens of purposeful presence. Attendees will acquire effective techniques for motivating and inspiring teams, shaping behavior towards positive outcomes, and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement. Practical strategies for fostering collaboration and nurturing a positive, inclusive work environment will also be shared.

Explore the transformative power of purposeful presence to amplify leadership performance within your organization.  Discover the impact that intentional listening and asking powerful questions can have in your organization.

Learning Objectives / Take-aways:

By engaging in this session, leaders will discover the transformative potential of purposeful presence in the face of limited field time, enabling them to create impactful moments that drive positive change. They will depart with actionable strategies and practical techniques, fostering a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, empowerment, and innovation within their organizations. Discover how to optimize field time with purposeful presence, empowering your team and transforming your culture for the better.

Closing Takeaway Session:

Ted Schick
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Join us for the finale of this year’s conference! Ted Schick will take the stage one more time to round out our two day conference by sharing some key closing messages. Stick around for a fun raffle prize!