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Member Spotlight: Ruchi Ryley

Published: Nov 22, 2023 by Krissy Ohnstad

GEAPS In-Grain newsletter features GEAPS Member Ruchi Ryley in a recent issue. The full issue of In-Grain is available to GEAPS Members. If you aren’t a GEAPS Member, you can sign up online.

About Ruchi Ryley

Vice President – Sales & Strategy, Hi Tech Installations Ltd

Chapter and Committees:

Canadian Prairies Chapter, Board of Directors CPR, International Membership Committee IMC, Chapter Resource Committee CRC


Chris Ryley, married 21 years

Position and Company:

Vice President – Sales & Strategy, Hi Tech Installations Ltd

Years with company:

After over 20 years with my previous company, I am thrilled to have started the next phase of my professional life in August 2023, with the brilliant team at Hi Tech Installations.

Years in industry:

22 years

Past positions:

Vice President Business Development, Territory Manager Canada, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, General Manager

Interesting or unique fact about your facility/company:

A well-grounded strong team, with over 25 years in business: we are proud & thankful. Hi Tech Installations is a Design-Build firm providing Design, Engineering, Construction & Maintenance of Agricultural Facilities such as Crop Inputs, with the ability to take charge right from green field to a certified operational infrastructure.


MA (Hons.), MBA

Biggest influence on your career:

International Experience & Team Synergy: having educated & worked across 3 continents and been in over 20 countries, the success of any organization or individual I found was partly due to team synergy. I have grown with experience in multifaceted environments, and through the strengths and unique perspectives of my team, clients & network. GEAPS is one such platform.

How has GEAPS helped your leadership skills?

GEAPS as an organization through its programs, committees, boards, and my fellow GEAPS members individually, have shown me how to serve, adapt, include, guide & be guided. These are skills that make any leadership effective & meaningful.

What are three of your favorite memories from GEAPS?

  • I recall over COVID: the camaraderie & determination of our Board, support from GEAPS International, and most of all the virtual participation by Canadian Prairies Chapter Members, to keep us thriving.
  • The Coolest Show. Hosted in Winnipeg, MB. It’s truly cool in many ways – come visit!
  • The Exchange: not just the events & programs, but also the incredible networking opportunities

What is the best advice you have received from another GEAPS member?

Nelson Boles, Founding Member, GEAPS Canadian Prairies Chapter: “Stay engaged. Work with & for your community. I am retired, over 75 years old, and I still come out to chapter events when I can.”

What is one industry-wide trend affecting your company right now? How are you reacting to it?

Lack of Predictability: a function of Political, Environmental & Technological growths & demands. Hi Tech Team is learning & evolving with the changing trends and making informed thought-through decisions to manage project risks.

What is something unique about the grain industry in your region?

To re-phrase and add to Canada Action: Canadian Prairies with our flat terrain, fertile soil and long, sunny growing season, are ideally suited for grain & crop farming. We produce high yields of high-quality grain & crops, and along with the US are one the largest exporters worldwide. Cheers!

GEAPS CPR Board of Directors 2023
Hi Tech Team with P&H
Hi Tech Team at GEAPS CPR Golf event