Grain Quality

GEAPS Exchange 2024: Grain Integrity in Storage: Safeguarding Quality and Lives

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Speakers: Brett Andricks, Adam Weiss

Session Description

In “Grain Integrity in Storage: Safeguarding Quality and Lives” seminar by OPI, industry professionals will explore the critical intersection of grain quality and safety, delving into pressing hazards such as grain bridging and walling. Attendees will be introduced to the state-of-the-art monitoring and maintenance solutions that prevent grain spoilage and ensure worker safety. By highlighting industry best practices and incorporating real-world testimonials, the seminar aims to foster a culture of safety and vigilance in grain storage management. The presentation underscores the pivotal role of technology and informed strategies in averting grain storage tragedies and maintaining grain quality. Attendees will leave equipped with knowledge on upholding grain integrity, preventing significant losses, and safeguarding lives.

Meet The Speakers

Brett Andricks

VP of Sales, Marketing and CX


Brett Andricks is vice president of sales, marketing and CS at OPI Systems. His resume includes sales, operations and product management with companies including AGI, Automated Agri-Systems, LeMar Industries, Koehl Brothers, Inc. and The GSI Group, Inc. He has worked extensively with grain conditioning automation technology since 2009. Andricks’ experience has given him a robust skillset and knowledge base in technology implementation for commercial and farm markets, training both dealer and end user. He has degrees from Millikin University and the University of Illinois.
Adam Weiss

Adam Weiss



With a degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, Adam Weiss has directed the transformation of several tech businesses in the Ag space, overhauling both product lines and operations. He lives in Missouri with his wife of 25 years and currently serves as the CEO at OPI.