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GEAPS Exchange 2024: Outside & Temporary Grain Storage – Best Practices

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Speaker: Brandee Poland

Session Description

For many customers, utilizing outside grain storage is a necessary, but often painful part of harvest. We want to help take away SOME of the pain points – especially when it comes to tarp installation. The goal of this presentation is to provide unique, efficient, and safe methods for installing the tarp. In addition, we want participants to understand how they can maintain grain quality on outside piles in budget-friendly and innovative ways. We will provide photos, videos, and real life experience to help take the pain and frustration out of outside storage.

Meet The Speaker

Brandee Poland

Sales and Marketing Manager

Soles Enterprises Inc

Brandee Poland has been working in the ag industry with Soles Enterprises, Inc. since 2019. Prior to that, she spent six years in marketing for an Omaha-based insurance company.
While her career has focused on sales and marketing for the last decade, Poland has a degree in education, and began her professional career as a teacher, teaching sixth and seventh grade for six years.
With each career move, Poland says she has utilized past experiences and strengths to excel in in areas with an emphasis on being dynamic, knowledgeable in her subject area, organized and excellent and building relationships.