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Basic Meeting Tips

The success of GEAPS depends on the success of each and every local chapter. Well-planned chapter meetings are essential to maintain attendance and enthusiasm of the membership.

At the start of each chapter year, the president appoints a Program Committee. The function of this Committee is to tentatively plan the chapter’s meetings for the coming year. The plan should then be reviewed and approved by the chapter Board of Directors.

For successful and effective chapter meetings, several fundamentals should be followed:

1. Hold meetings regularly and give adequate advance notice to each member. Some chapters use a calling committee to make reminder calls and encourage members to attend.

2. Keep members informed of the subject matter and guest speakers for upcoming meetings.

3. Prepare a meeting agenda with care and then follow it.

4. Conduct an informative, efficient business meeting. Follow parliamentary procedures.

5. Develop programs and activities to appeal to the interests of as many members as possible. Encourage participation in future chapter functions.

6. Maintain a careful balance between business, educational and social functions. Each area is important for continued member support.