Calling Future Leaders 

The GEAPS Nominations Committee invites Regular, Associate and Affiliate members who are excited and inspired by change, growth and opportunity to apply for consideration on the GEAPS International Board of Directors. Applications are due by February 1.

The Nominations Committee will select candidates to appear on the ballot for elections next spring. There will be four member board positions open for newly nominated or re-election eligible candidates in addition to the election of a new Second Vice President.

As a board member, you would be expected to engage and contribute to all Board activities, specifically, attending at least 75 percent of all Board meetings. You will also join a Board committee—Nominations, Governance or Finance. Nominees should be willing to serve as an ambassador for the Board across the organization, taking part in GEAPS member offerings such as attending GEAPS Exchange or enrolling in GEAPS Professional Development offerings.

Board members also should serve as internal advocates for GEAPS at their company, helping to recruit new members, Exchange attendees, Training and Education participants and chapter meeting attendees.

If you have a passion for GEAPS, leadership and volunteer service, this might be the role for you. All dues-paying members are eligible to apply, the Nominations Committee has discretion to select candidates who ensure the Board is built with overall diversity of thought, experience and skills.

Individuals interested in nominating themselves should submit a nominations application, which is available on the GEAPS website. In addition to including a current resume, include links to social profiles such as LinkedIn, nominees will also be asked to list two current GEAPS members who will support them as a potential Board member. The Nominations committee will interview and review all applicants as they prepare an approved slate of candidates for the Spring 2023 election. Elected candidates will begin serving July 1, 2023 and would be invited to attend the June Board of Directors meeting as well as a
board orientation training.

Questions? We’re Here to Talk 

For more information or to discuss your interest in these leadership opportunities, call (763) 999-4300 to talk with Executive Director Steve Records regarding Board leadership.