Perhaps your job title is sales manager, operations manager, engineer, territory manager, vice president, developer or consultant. While you don’t process or handle grain—the industry would not exist without you. Just as the grain industry needs sunshine and rain to thrive—it also needs you. You’re the innovators, the creators, the “work smarter, not harder” folks who help the industry advance. Just as the grain elevator operators need suppliers, you need them.

When we all come together as an industry to learn, create common ground and work cooperatively, great things happen. These great things start with GEAPS. As a member, you have an open door to your future customers.

As a member, your company gets a discounted price to be an exhibitor at GEAPS Exchange, the biggest and best show in the grain industry. You’ll also be the first to hear about advertising and sponsorship opportunities—before your non-member competitors.

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Come to GEAPS; we look forward to working together.