Global Food security is one of the most fundamental and critical matters. GEAPS members are on the frontline. There are a lot of broad topics that fall under the umbrella of food security, and each is of utmost importance. This webinar will focus on cyber security and risks. Why should grain industry professionals begin to strategize and develop tactics to combat these threats? What are the conflicts we face as an industry that are keeping us from moving forward? Join Jim Lenz, GEAPS’ webinar facilitator and director of training and education, as he generates discussion with two of the most sought-after food security experts in the world. Dr. Molly Jahn and Col. John Hoffman provide their recommendations for real solutions to this growing problem.

Key Takeaways:
• Current global food security measures
• Implications of cyber threats on food security
• Cyber-attack preparedness and current limitations
• Action steps for the grain industry