GEAPS Exchange 2023: Develop the Rockstar Organization Everyone Wants to Work For

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Speaker: Timothy Seeley

Session Description

Competition for employees, growing an organization and retaining employees are not easy. Because of these issues, developing an organization that is profitable, productive and growing is a big challenge facing businesses today. Employees want to know that they are valued and that their work matters. Prioritizing employees is the key! In this presentation, you will learn why organizational culture is important and that engaging your employees can be more profitable! The session will give you practical applications to develop the culture that will help your organization be the place people want to work for.

Speaker of this education session was Timothy Seeley.

Meet The Speaker

Timothy Seeley


TLS Legacy

A Midwesterner at heart, Tim Seeley has taken his experience in both the for-profit work world as well as not-for-profit work to develop a heart for organizational culture. He has lived in a foreign country which brings a profound understanding for differences and how to navigate through those differences to develop a culture that is strong and healthy. His experience in the trades has taught him the value of hard work and the enjoyment of life. When he’s not working, Seeley enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.