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GEAPS Exchange 2023: How to Turn the Great Resignation into an Opportunity for Growth

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Speaker: Matthew Lostaglia

Session Description

Most “new” strategies attempt to find “new” ways to solve old “new” problems. The problem with this is a lack of historical context and a tendency to disregard the true root of the problem. All that is needed to resolve any problem is the appropriate amount of skill, will and resources. These are all delivered from the people you hire. At the end of the day, your problems, are people problems. Understanding people, their motivations and how to effectively lead them is at the core of the solution. Come learn strategies to retain current talent, reduce employee burnout and more.

Meet The Speaker

Matthew Lostaglia


Resilient Talent Solutions

Matthew Lostaglia is a Resilient Talent Strategist who helps corporations suffering from the great resignation attract and retain critical talent. Lostaglia believes the pandemic and economic turbulence have rendered the previous model for talent management obsolete. By shifting the focus of management, your workplace will become a magnet for top talent.
With more than a decade of experience as a senior leader in the United States Army, seven years facilitating resilience seminars and workshops, Lostaglia has created a significant impact for a state-wide agency, independent businesses and restaurants. Matthew’s military training and certification in personnel retention, individual and small unit resilience and equal opportunity leadership were earned with highest honors earning distinguished honor graduate from all three certification programs.