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GEAPS Exchange 2024: Humans: Not the Weakest, but the Strongest Link in the Safety Chain!

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Speaker: Corrie Pitzer

Session Description

The typical focus in safety is that the human being is our weakest link in safety, that they are often blamed as the ones who have accidents, make mistakes, or poor choices. This flies in the face of the true nature of humans: skilled and naturally able to deal with risks, incredible brain power, and with a capability to deal with many risks in the work environment. In this presentation, you will see the “power of front-line people” and how we prevent many more accidents than what we make.

Meet The Speaker

Corrie Pitzer

Corrie Pitzer


Safemap International Inc

Corrie Pitzer is the CEO and founder of Safemap International, a company specializing in the psychology and culture of risk. He consults internationally, to many large organizations in mining, utilities, military defense and construction—all occupations in which people can be seriously injured, maimed or killed in their work.
He has a BA (Honors) in Industrial Psychology, BA (Honors) Business Management, and MBA (Risk Management) and a graduate diploma in education. He is a registered psychometrist.
Corrie is a well-known speaker at global conferences, including annually at the ASSP and as the keynote presenter for five years in a row at the USA NSC, between 2017 and 2020.