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GEAPS Exchange 2024: Securing Your Grain Elevator: The Crucial Role of a Robust Network

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Speaker: David Smit

Session Description

As the threat of cybersecurity continues to be on the rise and the demands of digital transformation put an unplanned strain on your infrastructure, we’ll help you understand how creating a robust network will help prepare you for the future. We’ll unpack what Software Defined Networking (SDN) looks like in OT environments and how it compares to traditional networks. We will also explore why selecting a product with OT specific background is valuable and what the real difference can be. This session will explore how SDN networks will prepare you to meet your Operational and Cybersecurity goals.

Meet The Speaker

David Smit

David Smit

Operational Technology Infrastructure and Security


David Smit specializes in network design and troubleshooting, Firewalls, Linux Operating Systems, containers/edge computing and security tools at Interstates. Smit is deeply committed to helping clients transform their network infrastructure and fortify their security measures. He has extensive experience in manufacturing environments and has led projects such as the Global Firewall Rule Compliance Review and implementing IEC 62443 Zones & Conduits work. Smit’s expertise enhances network security, optimizes performance and mitigates risks globally. Beyond his professional achievements, Smit finds inspiration through cycling adventures, whether it’s on quiet gravel roads, mountain biking through the trees, commuting to various places, or fat biking in the snow.