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GEAPS Exchange 2024: Railroad 101 – Safe & Efficient Rail Use for the Grain Industry

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Speakers: Erika Bruhnke, Jordan Davis

Session Description

Rail is one of the most efficient methods for transporting goods and to maximize its benefits we must avoid high dollar mistakes and even worse, injuries. Our industrial rail course offers an informative, interactive, and rewarding training experience designed for individuals in an industrial setting who work on or near railroad tracks and rail cars. In this session we discuss various proactive measures to enhance rail safety, outline different types of rail training and who they benefit, and identify some of the most common causes for derailments and other costly mistakes around the rail that can be prevented.

Meet The Speakers

Erika Bruhnke

Erika Bruhnke

VP Training Services

Railpros Inc

Erika Bruhnke is the vice president of training services for RailPros, leading the organization’s training and media services divisions. These divisions create and deliver vital rail safety programs to both railroad and non-railroad employees. Prior to joining RailPros, Bruhnke spent a decade with BNSF Railway. She worked in Operations, serving as a terminal trainmaster in Seattle, Washington; a Division Safety Manager in Billings, Montana and—after progressing through the safety ranks—concluding her BNSF career as the director of system safety where she oversaw all system safety communications and training. Bruhnke serves on the board of directors for several associations within the railroad industry and leads several committees in the rail and non-rail sectors.

Jordan Davis

Sr. Manager of Business Development & Training

Railpros Inc

Jordan Davis is the senior manager of business development & training at RailPros, specializing in training development and delivery for clients in various industries that work on and around rail across the United States. Davis is a third generation railroader with a passion for safety and a desire to bring safe rail practices into operations of all sizes. Davis began his career with Herzog as a conductor and later became a locomotive engineer. Davis joined RailPros in 2021 as a roadway worker in charge followed by a transition into the training and safety department where he works closely with experts in the rail industry to innovate and improve rail safety nationwide.