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GEAPS Exchange 2024: Deploying, Implementing, Maximizing Low Cost Wireless Sensors to Drive Lower Maintenance Costs

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Speaker: Kevin Walker

Session Description

There is a plant manager, or reliability engineer currently staring at their PDA with a comment from senior management requiring them to “do something with digital”. The maintenance landscape is littered with half finished, partially implemented digital projects. Today we will discuss 3 specific requirements for long term measurable success in adding powerful digital solutions to any maintenance program.

Meet The Speaker

Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker

Product Manager – IIOT Products

Dodge Industrial Company, Inc.

As a training NCO in the United States Marine Corps and as a licensed USSF soccer coach, Kevin Walker has spent a lot of time training others on general and specific topics related to those fields. A significant part of my time is occupied with training sales engineers, distributors and end customers on Dodge digital products. How to install, commission and maximize cost effective remote sensors and making sense out of cumulative data is a large part of product management requirements, especially in tech-heavy product lines. Walker said he looks forward to discussing remote condition monitoring in grain applications at Exchange.