Facilities Maintenance & Design

GEAPS Exchange 2024: Facility Design Considerations for Maximizing Efficiencies and Throughputs

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Speaker: Kurt Rosentrater

Session Description

Understanding the basics of design can help management make informed choices that result in cost-effective, flexible, effective storage and handling facilities.

Meet The Speaker

Kurt Rosentrater

Kurt Rosentrater


Iowa State University

Kurt Rosentrater is a professor at Iowa State University. He is a teacher, researcher, scientist, engineer and author. He is a multi-disciplinary creator whose work encompasses grains, foods, biofuels, beverage alcohols and sustainable approaches to agricultural systems. Rosentrater grew up on a corn and soybean farm in Iowa and has worked with the grain processing industries for more than 30 years. More about Rosentrater can be found on his webpage: The Cereal Grain Café at graindotcafe.wordpress.com.