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GEAPS Exchange 2024: The Importance of Electrical Testing & Preventative Maintenance

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Speaker: Karl von Knobelsdorff

Session Description

A large percentage of industrial facilities are reactive. Testing and PM proactively address issues that could occur and also prove proper and safe operation of protective devices. NFPA 70E and 70B now mandate the development and execution of a proper EMP to validate the results of Arc Flash studies. Downtime avoidance and uptime maximization will be communicated through a variety of real-world case studies and how simple strategies could have prevented the downtime and costly fixes after the fact. Awareness is key. Many people don’t even realize where they are missing out and the value PM and testing can bring to a facility. Not to mention, the minor up front cost that can save, in one instance, tens of thousands of dollars.

Speaker: Karl von Knobelsdorff is CEO/President of Knobelsdorff

Meet The Speaker

Karl von Knobelsdorff



Karl von Knobelsdorff is CEO/President of Knobelsdorff. Through hard work and determination, he is credited with building a growing company and team based on trust and common ground. When Karl took over the company at 23 years of age, there were five employees, one division and work only in Minnesota. Today Knobelsdorff is averaging 250 employees, operates through four divisions (automation, electric, energy and power services) and performed work this past year in 26 different states. With a lifetime of experience and working his way up in the family-owned company, Karl is a self-taught licensed master electrician and holds licenses in seven different states. Karl serves as Principal on the NFPA 70® Code-Making Panel 14, emphasizing chapter 5 special occupancies and hazardous locations, articles 500-516 and is a board member of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC).