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GEAPS Exchange 2024: Recruiting, Mentoring, and Retaining Generation Z Workers

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Speaker: Allison McFarland

Session Description

While recognizing that each employee is an individual, broad traits have been observed about the youngest individuals to enter the workforce: Generation Z. While Millennials were identified as driven, hyper-connected, and confident, your youngest employees are more likely to be uncertain, risk-averse, anxious, and fearful of adulthood. Instead of looking ahead to a world of opportunities, Gen Z often sees an uncertain future. It is encouraging to note that members of Gen Z are open-minded, curious, compassionate, excited to learn, and eager to make a difference in the world. Regrettably, they are also more anxious and depressed and exhibit a lower ability to cope with adversity than previous generations at the same age.

Changes in this generation have come faster than other generations. How do managers successfully recruit, retain, mentor, and engage this generation of workers? Is it possible to align employer and Gen Z expectations regarding work expectations? Effective leadership is inextricably connected to change. Are you prepared to adapt to these unique and evolving challenges? This presentation will provide tangible content and immediate application related to these questions.

Meet The Speaker

Allison McFarland

Allison McFarland

Endowed Chair of Business

Bethel College

Dr. Allison J. McFarland serves as the Walter C. and Helen E. Claassen Endowed Chair of Business at Bethel College (North Newton, Kansas) and as a professional consultant on generations in the workplace with Human Performance Advisors (Tulsa, Oklahoma). Over the past decade, McFarland has presented more than 65 seminars on the topic of multi-generational leadership to manufacturing CEOs, human resource professionals, employment service agencies, hospital administrators, mental health providers, nonprofit organizations, small business leaders, emergency service providers, U.S. and Canadian fire chiefs, the Kansas Highway Patrol and military Chaplains. Her research has been accepted for presentation at national and international business and leadership peer-review academic conferences. McFarland has a Ph.D. and master’s degree from the University of Kansas, an MBA from Western Michigan University and a bachelor’s degree from Geneva College (PA).