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GEAPS Exchange 2024: Stop Being a Sh**tty Boss – Employee Recruitment & Retention Starts with You

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Speaker: Sara Kepley

Session Description

So many things when it comes to managing people are out of your control. Being a sh**tty boss is not one of them! Join Sara Kepley for a light-hearted and amusing session about the importance of being a good boss and how it directly impacts company culture, recruitment, and retention.

Meet The Speaker

Sara Kepley

Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)

Provalue Insurance | Provalue HR Consulting

Sara Kepley has spent over two decades as a human resources executive and consultant in the heart of America. She is a trusted advisor to many CEOs and other leaders within the insurance and agriculture space. CEO of ProValue Insurance, Kepley leads a team operating human resource consulting services, internal HR, group benefit insurance sales, and marketing and branding efforts for ProValue Insurance. She personally performs CEO placement services, succession planning and executive compensation plans for agriculture companies and cooperatives. Kepley oversees group benefit sales and services, marketing and branding efforts, human resources consulting and the internal human resources and training efforts of ProValue Insurance.
Kepley also works closely with agricultural companies and cooperative board of directors, providing CEO placement services, succession planning, and executive incentive plan development. She also frequently speaks on human resource related topics in the agriculture industry that range from creating an employee experience to regulation compliance. She first joined the company in 2005. She served as a human resources specialist for the Human Resource Alliance, LLC (HRA) until 2007 when the company was acquired by ProValue, LLC. She then joined the human resources consulting team, serving first as a human resources consultant, then Chief Human Resource Officer and finally as CEO of ProValue, LLC. ProValue, LLC’s human resource consulting business joined ProValue Insurance in early 2020.