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GEAPS Exchange 2024: Teamwork Might Make the Dream Work, But Teammates Make the Teamwork: How to Build a Successful Team

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Speaker: Lance Loya

Session Description

Does self-centeredness keep the individuals you work with from being as effective as they could be? Everybody craves teamwork on their team, but teamwork doesn’t happen without good teammates—individuals who put the needs of the team ahead of any self-serving agendas. This session will help you gain a greater understanding of the art of building good teammates. You’ll discover how an attainable, life-altering concept known as “The WE Gear” can be infused into your work culture. This is a can’t-miss session for any grain industry leader who wants to facilitate a more productive operation.

Meet The Speaker

Lance Loya

Lance Loya

Founder and CEO

The Good Teammate Factory

Lance Loya is the founder and CEO of The Good Teammate Factory and the creator of National Be a Good Teammate Day. As a leading authority on team dynamics, he specializes in helping individuals discover genuine purpose in their lives by shifting their focus from “me” to “we.” Loya is the author of 10 books on the art of being a good teammate. His book, The WE Gear, topped Forbes’ list of “20 Books That Will Make You a Better Coach or Mentor.” A former college sports coach turned best-selling author, blogger, podcaster and professional speaker, Loya has inspired audiences around the globe through his books, keynotes and workshops. Organizations have used his inspiring message to improve employee retention, team morale and community relations.