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GEAPS Exchange 2023: Moving to Predictive Maintenance to Improve Productivity

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Speaker: Jim Neawedde

Session Description

Most grain facilities have a scheduled maintenance strategy that helps keep the system up and running. While this is a good baseline, it’s not necessarily the most cost-effective strategy and doesn’t catch everything. What if you could detect an issue, such as overheating, or determine the health of individual components, such as IGBTs, filters, or capacitors, before they cause downtime? Learn how you prepare for success by moving from preventative to predictive maintenance. In addition to regular maintenance, this means you can evaluate what’s happening in real-time to address issues before your system goes down, taking your facilities’ productivity with it.

Speaker of this education session was Jim Neawedde.

Meet The Speaker

Jim Neawedde

Segment Lead, Food & Beverage


Jim has worked with manufacturing customers for over 30 years transforming data-driven automation concepts into sustainable business solutions. As ABB’s Food and Beverage segment lead, Jim leverages his expertise in IIoT, manufacturing execution systems (MES), predictive maintenance, and safety to deliver highly effective automation solutions that increase productivity and profitability. His goal is to help food and beverage manufacturers move at the speed of consumer demand by understanding the things that get in the way of productivity and knowing how to alleviate them.
Jim has a BS in Physics and a MS in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics from the University of Akron.