GEAPS Exchange 2023: Pulleys and Idlers

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Speaker: Dallas Houchins

Session Description

Pulley and Idlers have many available options but are designed in a general way for many industries. In the grain industry, due to the use of light weight belts and the critical nature of the industry, many options are available to increase belt life and reliability. Throughout this presentation these options are discussed. In addition, from his field experience, Dallas will provide useful insight to help you improve your current conveyor systems and be more equipped to plan for the future. This session will cover pulley design and technology, pulley specification for the grain industry, idlers in grain application, idler junction importance, and belt transition distance importance. Questions are encouraged!

Speaker for this session is Dallas Houchins.

Meet The Speaker

Dallas Houchins

Field Applications Engineer


Dallas Houchins is a North Central U.S. & Canada Field Applications Engineer for Precision Inc./Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI).
Developing lasting relationship with distributors and end users is his main goal. To accomplish this goal, Houchins assesses individual application requirements and designs products to meet conveyor specifications and reduce downtime. Educating on best practices for the conveyor safety and maintenance is also a large part of his approach to helping customers improve their conveyor operation.
PPI has been engineering and manufacturing conveyor components for more than four decades. During this time, PPI emerged as the industry leading provider of not only standard products, but mastering the art of custom products to respond to specific and unique needs. Houchins does his best to address customer needs.