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Exchange 2016

GEAPS Online

Exchange 2016

Planning for Exchange 2016 Well Under Way

Fresh off the huge success of Exchange 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri, GEAPS is already busy planning next year's big show in Austin, Texas. As the conference starts to take shape over the coming months, watch for more updates on the education program, Expo 2016 and registration.

Submit Your Idea Exchange Presentation

The Idea Exchange is one of the most popular education sessions at the Exchange each year, showcasing innovations that make the grain industry safer and more efficient. 

The session includes two segments:

Regular members present: "Why Don't They? ... I Did!"

Features ideas that grain operations managers and workers have used to improve safety or efficiency at their facilities

Associate members present: "What's New?"

Includes presentations by suppliers on new products and services developed for grain operations during the past year

Fill out an application to describe what your innovation, product or service does in clear and concise language, and describe how it is an improvement over existing technology or the current way of doing things. 

Submit applications to GEAPS' office by mail at: 4800 Olson Memorial Hwy, Suite 150, Golden Valley, MN 55422 or e-mail them to Janet Arneson. For more information, please contact Janet at (763) 999-4300.

High Demand for Expo 2016 Booth Sales

Exhibitors eagerly reserved lots of booths for Austin. So much so, that GEAPS is already working an an expansion to the floor plan. For more information about Expo 2016 and to learn how to get on the waiting list for any potential open booth space, click here.