Join us for an enlightening conversation with Chuck Kunich, a key figure in the grain industry and dual-role powerhouse at Michigan Agricultural Commodities. His deep wisdom in safety management and food-grade soybean business development promises to shed light on the intricate world of grain commodities. With a firm belief in doing what’s right, Kunich navigates us through the trials and triumphs of his journey in the complex arena of food-grade soybean market. 

As Chuck unravels the grain industry, we get a unique glimpse into the food-grade soybean market, a key player in the global food chain. He gives us an insider view of the pivotal role grain elevator facilities play in maintaining the high-quality beans required for the business, and the labyrinth-like task of meeting non-GMO specifications. You’ll be fascinated by his revelations about the Asian market, a powerhouse in the food-grade soybean business. Here, quality and compliance take center stage, adding an extra layer of complexity to the industry.

And if you think it’s all business, Chuck surprises us with an unexpected twist. Drawing parallels from his experiences in the GEAPS’s community, he highlights the power of collaboration and community. Adding a personal touch to the intense world of grain commodities, Chuck’s insights echo the importance of working together, especially in industries aimed at nourishing the world. From pricing models to overseas trade, his expertise offers an unparalleled grand tour of the food-grade soybean business from a global lens. Tune in for a refreshing perspective on the grain industry and more!

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Transcript for Whole Grain Episode 20: Exploring the Food – Grade Soybean Market

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