You’ll get to hear not only from Steve Records who serves as executive director of GEAPS and CEO of GEAPS Media Group, but also from Chris Blair, president of GEAPS Board of Directors.  Chris serves as Western District Manager and oversees five area managers at NEW Cooperative in Iowa. NEW Cooperative has grown rapidly over the last seven years, they have 800 employees at their 60 locations in the great state of Iowa.

Steve and Chris are leaders of the world’s largest professional association dedicated to the advancement of the grain handling and processing industry. You’ll find out from them why they are excited about GEAPS members. And they’ll share some of the future improvement projects for the organization.

Steve Records and Chris Blair add their perspectives on some of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the industry. GEAPS also produces the biggest and best show in the grain industry, GEAPS Exchange. And they’ll share many of the reasons why GEAPS members keep coming back year after year to Exchange. 

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) announced Feb. 1 the nearly 100-year-old association has entered into an agreement to purchase Country Journal Publishing Company, the publisher of Grain JournalMilling Journal and Seed Today magazines. The acquisition, which closed in the summer of 2022, gives GEAPS a significantly expanded reach in the industry and adds resources for members.

What was formerly known as Country Journal Publishing has become GEAPS Media Group, a newly formed GEAPS for-profit subsidiary.

Be sure to visit the GEAPS website and the membership page to learn about all the membership benefits.

Transcript for Whole Grain Episode 2: GEAPS Leadership

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