Listen to Casey Abel, safety manager of the Gavilon Group and member of GEAPS Board of Directors!  Casey discusses a new vision for safety in the workplace. 

Casey believes in order for an organization to be successful, safety must be the top priority. He says safety is a never-ending journey and we must learn, evolve and invest in safety systems as new challenges present themselves. Casey is committed to making sure everyone on his team goes home to their family at the end of each workday. 

A long-time member of GEAPS, Casey has not only enjoyed the many opportunities that come with membership, but has worked to create opportunities for others. This past year, Casey worked to help found the Lonestar Chapter so his industry colleagues in the Fort Worth, Texas area could come together. 

GEAPS has meant so much to Casey’s career you’d think it was his plan all along! Hear from Casey about how a professor and a visit to GEAPS Exchange completely changed his career path.  

Be sure to visit the GEAPS website and the membership page to learn about all the membership benefits.  

Transcript for Whole Grain Episode 3: New Vision for Safety

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