Looking for a go-to resource to gain new insights and perspectives on what’s happening within the grain handling and grain processing industry? You’ve found it with Whole Grain! Join us each episode of Whole Grain as we support your personal professional development by discussing hot topics with industry leaders. 

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society is an international professional membership association that serves as the knowledge resource for the grain handling and processing industry.  The mission of the organization is about people, knowledge, and information. The mission of the industry is about feeding the world.

The grain handling and processing industry is rich in innovation. It is filled with incredible designers and thinkers—diverse in skill sets, backgrounds, and experience. Folks in our industry are inventive and highly supportive when it comes to safety! This is an industry brimming in talent, providing solutions to today’s challenges and forging the future of brighter tomorrows. 

Thanks for being part of the greater GEAPS podcast community as we continue to move the industry forward by supporting you with best practices, a culture of safety, innovative products and services, industry outlooks and educational opportunities. We look forward discussing workforce development challenges, developing your leadership and strategic thinking skills, providing a unique global industry perspective, and expanding your industry network. 

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