Safety is an important topic in the grain industry, but are you prepared? For Dawn Chisholm, who lost her husband in a tragic grain entrapment accident, the answer to this question is personal. Listen as she shares her story of grief, hope, and faith in the hopes of saving lives and bringing people home safe.

About the guest:

Dawn Chisholm lost her first husband, Bill, in a tragic grain entrapment accident.  She started If Only to share her story and raise awareness about workplace safety. During each speaking engagement, her goal is to “emotionally connect with audience members on a deeply personal level.  My hope is that after hearing my story, the listeners will make safe, wise choices when faced with options in their workplace and/or personal life.” 

 Episode topics: 

  • Dawn Chisholm’s story
  • Workplace conversations
  • Safety preparedness 

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Transcript for Whole Grain Episode 13: Bring Them Home Safe: The Dawn Chisholm Story

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