How can you give employees hands-on learning opportunities for dangerous tasks? A modern training center is the answer! Listen as Scott Biel and Jon Brown of Mid Kansas Coop (MKC) discuss the vision behind MKC’s new state-of-the-art training and safety center and its far-reaching benefits.

 About the guests:

Scott Biel is the director of safety at Mid Kansas Coop (MKC), a full service ag co-op, that handles grain, agronomy, feed, energy, and risk management services for its members. As the director of safety, Biel manages risk to MKC’s employees by training the trainer, which means relying on leaders to train their employees.

Jon Brown is the director of facilities management and project manager at Mid Kansas Coop (MKC). Brown currently manages seven internal mills and all the capital projects, which include land acquisitions and project design.

Episode topics: 

  • Common training needs and challenges in the grain industry
  • Vision and design behind MKC’s training center
  • Essential components of a modern training center
  • How the design of the training center impacts learners
  • How a modern center impacts the bottom line for companies in the grain industry

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Transcript for Whole Grain Episode 17: Controlled Danger: How a Training Center Takes Safety to the Next Level

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