In today’s show we’ll hear from Mark Avery. You might know Mark from Grain Journal, Seed Today, Milling Journal and other publications.

Mark graduated college on a Sunday, started working at Country Journal that Monday and joined GEAPS three years after that! As they say, it was the start of a long and wonderful friendship! He has been a member of GEAPS for more than 40 years—and has the pin to prove it!

While GEAPS and Country Journal Publishing have worked together closely for many years, this year Country Journal Publishing became GEAPS Media Group. We are so happy to have Mark officially be a part of the GEAPS team! Mark now serves as president of GEAPS Media Group, he also serves on the GEAPS Foundation board.

Be sure to visit the GEAPS website and the membership page to learn about all the membership benefits.

Transcript for Whole Grain Episode 4: Grain Journal’s 50th Anniversary

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