How a Partnership Between First Responders and Grain Facilities Saves Lives

What happens when you combine first responders and grain facilities? Lives are saved through the power of collaboration. Listen as Dean Alling, a seasoned industry expert, provides practical insights and shares real-life success stories that reveal the importance of collaboration in mitigating emergencies within grain facilities.

 About the guests:

Dean Alling is a normal guy. He is passionate about his family,  his faith, and getting everyone home safely. He wants to be a leader and influencer, one that makes a difference within the space between us. He feels very comfortable working alongside hourly employees, hearing their stories and seeing hazards through their eyes.

Currently, he serves as the Safety Director for Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers and is involved in making the local chapter of GEAPS relevant to the hourly operator at the elevator.

Episode topics: 

  • Critical components to effective emergency response preparedness 
  • Best practices for both first responders and grain facility employees
  • Practical insights and shares real-life success stories
  • How technological advancements have revolutionized the way grain facilities and first responders work together
  • Exclusive tips and advice 

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Transcript for Whole Grain Episode 18: The Power of Collaboration: How a Partnership Between First Responders and Grain Facilities Saves Lives

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